General Information

If you are considering filing for Social Security Benefits or if you have already started the process and need help, give us a call. We specialize in assisting disabled people collect the Supplemental Security Income (SSI) and Disability Insurance Benefits (DIB) for which they are qualified. We accept cases on a contingency fee basis, meaning that you pay nothing in attorney fees unless you are awarded retroactive benefits.

Since 2003, H. Peter Evans has successfully helped many injured and disabled clients process their claims and appeal their denials. The firm emphasizes hard-work, determination and persistence. Each and every client is valued so we strive to establish an exceptional relationship from the beginning. Many claims are denied because the Social Security Administration assumes your health will improve or that you will abandon your claim. We will continue to fight for your benefits until all options have been exhausted.

We Process the Claim For You

Being approved for Social Security benefits is a long process. Our goal is to assist you by explaining the various stages and the paperwork that accompanies it. We also file all of the appeals on your behalf to ensure that you do not miss a deadline. Such appeals are made within days of receiving a denial, so your claim will not expire, as it might have in the past. Although we strongly encourage you to seek assistance from friends and family with any necessary paperwork we have several staff members who are also available to help as needed.

We Fight For You

We regularly review your claim to follow up and make sure your case is processed as quickly as possible. I know how to present your case to make sure SSA understands it's merits. I am also committed to keeping you informed throughout the entire process and I understand that communication is key.

"Peter, you are the best- always generous with your time, always patient with my questions and very thorough in explaining my options."